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Gunners tales.

Sarabos musings

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I was born in Cork but live in Belfast.
Worked in the music biz then ran film and music events for kids. I am now a marketing manager for a lovely company working with digital music.
I live with my lovely boyfriend. We have been together for over 9 years and living together for 7. We live in a beautiful big house which is just fabulous.
I love music, films, smoothies , travelling and dinosaurs.

My family are cool and i hate Phil Collins and the honeymonster.

I have decided that 2008 is the year I sort my life out.

alan partridge, babyshambles, barcelona, being irish, being madly in love, being romanced, belfast, berries, bloc party, brandon flowers, britney, buying dresses, cara dillon, carlos ruiz zafon, cathy davey, cava, cheese, chicken, chris coghill, chronic pain, cold mountain, colin farrell, cooking, cowboy hats, craig, dancing, dark chocolate, david kitt, death in vegas, dieting, dining out, dinosaurs, donegal, dot allison, dresses, driving, dublin, earrings, earthly pleasures, ebay, entertaining, faithless, festivals, fringes, gaudi, gemma hayes, ghd straighteners, house hunting, indie boys, ireland, irish films, irish music, james mcavoy, japanese food, jason lee, jude law, jurassic park, kaiser chiefs, kasabian, kevin smith films, kings of leon, kirstie allsop, liam gallagher, lily allen, liz phair, love, madonna, man stroke woman, maximo park, michal negrin, moulin rouge, mozzerella, my family, my friends, n.e.r.d., neurological disorders, new york, nicholas burns, oasis, open university, painkillers, paris, paul smith, paul weller, pete doherty, phil spencer, photography, prague, princess superstar, rathmullan, reading, romancing, ross o'carroll kelly, scissor sisters, sex (lots of it), shadow of the wind, shameless, shoes, simple kid, skirts, sleeping, smoothies, snarfling, sushi, swimming, tai chi, the bravery, the cazals, the charlatans, the gym, the killers, the libertines, the others, the princess bride, the stiff kitten, the stone roses, the strokes, tomato plants, trigeminal neuralgia, vodka, walking, weight watchers, white wine, wolfmother